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I traveled to Argentina with a group from  Earthjustice in March of 2006. We had been traveling in Chilean Pategonia and crossed the border by road, but our vehicle was not able to cross with us so checked out of Chile, walked across the border, checked in with Argentina and then met our new driver and van.
This sign translates roughly: The land is not ours, it is on loan from our children.

From there we drove to nearby Andian city of San Carlos de Bariloche, mostly a ski resort but this was their summer. It’s got lakes, water sports, good restaurants etc. i.e. a tourist stop.

We didn’t stay long, flew out the next day, but it was long enough for a walk around the town where I came across some sort of military ceremony

and then we were off flying over the  Andes! to Buenos Aires

My photos are not comprehensive but of what fascinated me: the Puente de la Mujer (Bridge of the Woman), the huge cemetery, the synagogues, the plaza where the mothers of the disappeared demonstrated (and it is still a place to demonstrate)

Casa Rosada–government house on the Plaza de Mayo

Night on the waterfront

ashkenazie bima


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  1. Mary said, on February 19, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Hi Sandy,

    Mary here, OWC member from Salt Lake. Just cruised your pictures of Argentina. A nice preview – I will be in Buenos Aires next week on business. It is my first time, so I now have some things to look for.

    On another subject, as a Wisconsin native and die-hard union advocate, I’ve been watching Madison’s blowup with interest. I wonder what are your thoughts on WI’s reaction to the assault by the gov. on worker’s rights? It seems to me that even after a generation of union battering WI residents absolutely get it.
    A union rep interviewed last night on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now correctly identified the real target as education and govt itself. She spoke of education as ‘public space’ – which for me goes to the heart of the issue. It feels good to hear someone say it. Do you think there’s any hope that the action will spread?


    • sndybeech said, on February 19, 2011 at 9:56 am


      Have a wonderful trip.

      Re Wisconsin, it’s wonderful to see the numbers turning out and I’m thrilled that it’s getting coverage, at least it is here in Oregon and not just on Democracy Now! I hope Wisconsin citizens are successful and it inspires people in other states.

      That said I despair about Americans having the gumption to protest in great enough numbers to effect real change the way Egyptian have–really ever since we accepted Bush v Gore–but maybe this will change as things get worse.

      I am also upset at what I see as a downward spiral our country is going into by cutting government services which, in addition to a lot of misery for a lot of people, means cutting jobs which means more unemployment, even less coming in in taxes and more demand on the very services we’ve just cut etc

      Here in Portland the relatively expensive restaurants are crowded, just one indication that while many are suffering and struggling, many are not. Many have disposable income and could pay higher taxes and we need to ask/tell them to. But how do we get that to happen? And how do we get our government to stop spending what we do have on guns and bring it home to spend on butter? I don’t know except by getting out in the streets. We need a left wing tea party.

      I was inspired by an article in The Nation 2/21 by Johann Hari (you can read some of it online) talking about UK Uncut. I’m not a tweeter but that’s how they’ve done this and I hope/wish our countrymen and women would wise up and get out there and do something similar.

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