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October in New York City

A highlight of my week in NYC was  being there for OpenHouse New York, free programs going on all over town. I found out too late for some of the best but I still got to go to two great events: a roundtable discussion with artisans on the restoration and preservation of the Eldridge Street Synagogue where a new window designed by Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans had just been installed. It was daytime so the light is coming thru from outside–you can see the scaffolding still in place outside as the crystal star in the center was not yet installed but what was there was incredible!
The synagogue was built in 1887 and has been under restoration for the last few years. The new window pretty much completes the work. The original window was gone when restoration began and there was no record of what it looked like. On the other end of the sanctuary is a very traditional rose window and they could have reproduced that but they chose to put out a call to artists for a new design. All the other stain glass was restored or reproduced as they knew what it should be.

The other Open House New York I got to was a viewing of the Clemente Orozco mural cycle A Call for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood at the New School with the co-Curator of the New School’s extensive art collection, Silvia Rocciolo.

This portion of the mural had a curtain hung over it during the Red Scare of the 50's. At least it was not painted over!


more colonialism

international dialog--some are real people, others stereotypes

This one about the Mexican revolution--I've forgotten the name of the man at the top but I think she said he was reformer who was assassinated. if anyone knows his name please let me know so I can tell the correct story

The New School Art Collection is huge, there are pieces all over the building. These paintings by Milton Wynne from the 30s are a new acquisition and hang in a hall.


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  1. Andrea Carlisle said, on November 11, 2010 at 11:54 am

    So so so beautiful! Thank you for these.

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