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Occupy Portland March, Nov. 2012

A good size crowd with folks of all ages showed up 11/20/12. A number of people spoke before we walked. My impression was they were whoever asked to speak. There was a wide variety including younger and older, someone from Eugene, another from Seattle, a Vet.

Some great signs

I love that people are mostly making their own

tee shirts

Two sisters had made cookies to share — their mom said it was their idea — the younger one was passing them out as we gathered

a very small group of  ‘unoccupiers’ with a very professional sign stood by the seawall–a few Occupiers went over to talk to them

the crowd grew slowly

despite the cold

by the time we marched it was pretty good size

It was a bit depressing to walk by Chapman and Lowensdale Squares where a week ago we were evicted. Even Terry Schrunk Park was surrounded with cyclone fencing. A few people shook the fencing but we were completely peaceful. As with yesterday’s march, there were no police. We policed ourselves. Several people took it upon themselves to stop folks from crossing streets when the lights changed.

We ended up back at Waterfront Park but down on Salmon. At the very end the Witches arrived, dancing

The program at the end was someone from each committee telling about their committee and then there were tables for each so we could sign up, contribute etc. After that music.

The reporter from Channel 6 who interviewed me thought it was the biggest crowd she’d seen all week. I don’t know, yesterday’s health care one that I missed looked really big too from the photos I saw. She asked me what I thought about the UnOccupy folks. I told her I wanted to know who paid for their obviously expensive sign. “Good Question,” she said, but she didn’t address that in her story.

As I walked I thought we all should make a pledge to attend at least one Occupy event a week to support it now that this is the only way for them to have visibility

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