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Ireland 2011: Dublin

my first view of Ireland

I took this photo on my first little excursion:  to the fishing village of Howth outside Dublin

The Easter Rising of 1916 is one of the pivotal events in modern Irish History.

The General Post Office which was Occupied by the Rebels; they held it for a week but the shelling of the British Army eventually set the building on fire and the Rebels were forced to abandon it. The GPO was rebuilt but you can still see bullet holes in the pillars in front.

The leaders were arrested and taken to Kilmainham Gaol (jail) where fourteen of them were executed. It is now a museum. This is the big hall where the prisoners cells were located

It’s a huge complex. Down one of the halls an excerpt from “The Rebel” by Patrick Pearse, a tribute to the fallen leaders of  the Rising: “Beware of the risen people… that have harried and held, Ye that have bullied and bribed…” is inscribed on the plaster

Out in the prison yard: the wall against which the 14 were shot

Nelson’s Pillar, a large granite pillar topped by a statue of Horatio Nelson, was built in 1808-1809. A symbol of English rule to many, it was destroyed by a bomb planted by Irish republicans in 1966. It wasn’t until 2002-03 that the Spire was replaced it as part of the rejuvenation of O’Connell Street. The Spire is 398 feet tall


The garden of the Museum of Modern Art (which is kitty korner from the Gaol Museum)

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