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Iceland 2005

Last week’s eruption in Iceland prompted me to start readying my Iceland photos for posting and to think about what a strange and wonderful place Iceland is. Of course they are having an eruption, the whole place is a result of eruptions. The evidence of underground heat is everywhere: sulfurous hot water coming out of Reykyavik’s taps,  city-run pools and hot tubs scattered around the city,  thermal electric plants in the countryside,  geysers,  bubbling mud pools so hot falling in will kill you. And then there is the lava,  mossy

Gullfoss--foss is Icelandic for waterfall

fields of it in the center of the island and the subject of many of Iceland’s painters. When settlers arrived they found what looked like lush grazing grounds and they set sheep upon it but the soil was volcanic ash and when the sheep grazed the grass down the soil blew away. The center is now virtually uninhabited. The roads in the center, if you want to dignify them with that word, are closed in the winter.

These photos are posted not by subject but itinerary, starting east of Reykyavik, crossing north thru the center then going east, south and finally west  along the ring road, with some excursions inland, ending in trendy Reykyavik, and a stop on the way to the airport at the Blue Lagoon, a touristy thermal hot springs forced on most tourists as part of their pre-paid airport transport.



Basalt columns at Aldeyjarfoss


basalt & lichen

basalt cave

Viti at Askja

country church Saenautasel

old style farm house , now tourist destination

turf house--also tourist destination. There are so few left on the farms. Even saw a coffee table book of abandonded farms

interior of turf house

kitchen of same turf house

Askja -- in the interior

interior road

Mt Herdubreid

carved poles in an arboretum outside Egliddstadir in the east

arboretum--pole close up

podium in arboretum--used for programs

log cabin in arboretum--note odd construction most evident on corners

old grave

geothermal power plant


Lake Logurinn--Lagarfljot


house in Seydisfjordur

Seydisfjordur--mural house

Seydisfjordur--memorial sculpture to someone lost at sea

Seydisfjordur window

another window

I love the lace

and the trim

this is a close up of a house a little earlier in the post. For some reason I cannot get it next to that photo

In front of the Penis Museum

testicle lamp in the Phillological Museum in Husavik

marsh flowers

Lake Myvatn in the north

Myvatn again

overview of Namaskard where the solfators bubble and boil

a solfatar

it really can kill you to fall in!

museum collection

At the Phillological (Penis) Museum

turf church in the east

door of the turf church

guest book in turf church

interior of turf church

turf church ceiling

Kjarval alterpiece & candles in another church in Bakkagerdi in the very far east

Don't call them ponies, they are Icelandic horses and very good ones

view from the edge of Skalafellsjokull glacial tongue of Europe's largest glacier. this glacier is east of the eruption.

puffin--fish in mouth

floating icebergs at Jokulsarlon

flowers in foreground, glacier in background

campground at Landmannalaugar hot springs

landmannalaugar hot springs

stream at Landmannalaugar

moss on lava beds--frequent subject of Icelandic artists

Mt Hekla--second most active volcano in Iceland, at least that's what they said in 2005

painting of Mt Helga

another painting of Mt Helga; we saw a whole show of Mt Helga painting

Ugly Crater! I did not agree


Reykjavik window across the street from the US Embassy

Another Reykjavik window

Hallgrimskirkja Church interior, Reykjavik's major church

doorway Reykjavik

another Reykjavik window

Reykjavik house

turf roof

at the artist's colony outside Reykjavik

Gljufrasteinn--Home of Halldor Laxness, Nobel Prize winner for Literature, 1955

horse in Haldor Laxness' garden

Mosfell Church near Haldor Laxness' house

Reykjavik art

another Reykjavik backyard with art

in the garden of sculptor Asmundur Svensson's home (now museum)

another view of same sculpture

also by Asmundur Sveinsson

art in alternative gallery-- by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschorn

roofs of Reykjavik

blue lagoon

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  1. Diane Koosed said, on May 16, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Thanks for posting these, Sandy. What a great way for us to see where you’ve been, and what great photos! Your comments are very helpful; gives much more meaning to all this!

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