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Cuartos of Merida

On many corners in the center of Merida are wonderful plaques or cuartos. These date from the days when most residents were illiterate and shop and tavern owners marked their corners with statues and plaques naming their corners: the dog, the boxer, the sunset to help people find them (and their way around the city). Eventually the statutes and cuartos  disappeared but in recent times the city has been restoring  the cuartos that can be found and mounting them on a corner of a building in their proper locations. I had great fun walking around Merida taking photos of them–I have read there are at least 170 of them. Here are the ones I found in my wandering. At the end are a few that aren’t strictly cuartos but are part of the genre IMO. The first of these is called Dos Caras or two faces. It is painted directly on a building right in the middle of downtown–the building has been repainted but they wisely didn’t paint the painting. The last one isn’t even in Merida but the wonderful yellow city of Izamal

IMG_0309 (Small) IMG_0334 (Small)

IMG_0406 (Small) IMG_0407 (Small) IMG_0426 (Small) IMG_0440 (Small)IMG_0435 (Small)IMG_0623 (Small)El Cintarazo (Small) IMG_0859 (Small) IMG_0975 (Small) IMG_0980 (Small) IMG_0983 (Small) IMG_1013 (Small) IMG_1014 (Small) IMG_1016 (Small) IMG_1018 (Small) IMG_1019 (Small) IMG_1021 (Small) IMG_1022 (Small)IMG_1031 (Small) IMG_1038 (Small) IMG_1039 (Small) IMG_1053 (Small) IMG_1063 (Small) IMG_1065 (Small) IMG_1080 (Small) IMG_1081 (Small) IMG_1084 (Small) IMG_1094 (Small) IMG_1101 (Small) IMG_1108 (Small) IMG_1111 (Small)IMG_1109 (Small) IMG_1101 (Small)el soldado (Small)El Perdil (Small) El Naranjo (Small)

dos caras (Small)IMG_0206 (Small)IMG_0301 (Small)

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