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Indonesia: Bali–Ubud and Environs

Putting captions has proved problematic; feel free to ask either by email or comments about any of the photos you see.

Click on any photo to see it larger.

First up, nearly a week in Ubud and environs. Ubud is an art center, lots of villages nearby making art, lots of shops selling it etc. My photos include visits to artisans, all of them first rate: mask maker, woodcarvers, & weavers. Also puppet and art museums; Threads of Life a project working to encourage traditional weaving and dying techniques and in the process helping cooperatives form–there we saw the founder’s collection which included some fascinating colonial-based themes; a batik workshop using natural dyes that’s a spinoff of ToL;  &  a traditional painter who teaches the art to young boys in his home. We also visited a palace in Klungkung, saw gamelan and dance performances, went to a couple of amazing temples including one of holy springs where people lines up to douse themselves, had a demonstration of 100 ways to use the coconut palm–many of which involve weaving trays and such for offerings. Also walked thru Ubud’s monkey forest and walked the streets taking photos.

student painting
rolled leaf hides the caterpillar cocoon

colonial themed antique weaving
dipping batik into the dye bath
Corkorda Agung Pemayun founder of natural dye batik studio
chops — the stamps used for batik, these made of wood, not as good as copper but much cheaper
batik drying racks
Ubud street decorations
ubud roofs

tie dying at batik studio
thread of life founder
stamping the wax on with a chop or tjap
stamping 2
painting the wax on batik
view a the Temple of the Holy Springs

tirta empul, Temple of the Holy Springs
view at Gunung Kawl Temple

Tirta Empul
straw puppets at puppet museum
statute at puppet museum estate

shrine by river Gunung Kawl
sculpture at the puppet museum estate

pond at Tirta Empul
preparing offerings at Gunung Kawl

Gunung Kawl whirly gig

Gunung Kawl
getting the benefits of the springs at Tirta Empul
children at Tirta Empul

these two photos from the kecak, a particular type of dance performance

at the puppet museum

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  1. Marcia & Allen said, on July 19, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Great pictures, Sandy! Thanks!

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