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Indonesia: Five Days in Tabula

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on July 16, 2012

These are photos that didn’t get into the Walter Spies post, those taken in and around Tabula, the hamlet just outside Sidemen the bigger town on the main road. Tabula has an old part with straight lanes and small private compounds. Outside its walls is the business area, the temple, workshops,  some homes and the agricultural fields .  It is in these fields that some families have built guest houses, hotels and restaurants. A stream runs next to the town too.

this house’s architecture is from another area. I was told it was built for and owned by Swedes. the day I left a For Sale sign went up on it. the view on the right is from my veranda. the two story buildings are rooms for tourists

this bamboo wind chime hung from my room’s porch. It made a lovely sound

Now some photos from Sidemen–the big town about half a mile away on the main road that runs from the coast up towards the mountain:

The swastika is a very old Asian symbol and doesn’t have anything to do with Nazis.  Still it’s weird and disturbing. The store sold fabric and household goods. On the right is one shot of the shelves.

Every town has a temple–here’s a few shots from Tabula’s. It was only a few days until a big festival so a group of women were working together in the compound

One day, as I walked next to the old walled off section of Tabula, a woman who spoke a little English stopped me and invited me into her home inside old Tabula. She served me tea and snacks and then took up her bamboo weaving for the coming festival

Now just some miscellaneous shots of and around Tabula

here’s the lunch I bought from a little stand in Sidemen and brought back to my room to eat

other than the bananas no real idea what I was eating–organs figured in for sure