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Occupy Portland Update Sunday about 12:30 pm and again at 3

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on November 13, 2011

Amazing victory last night but this morning OP says cops came and tried to evict them at 9:30. Right now they are having a GA not at Pioneer Place but at the park, Chapman Sq, I think.

A few minutes ago a speaker said they are forming an Operation Committee which in the next 48 hours will focus on how to prepare how to go forward to establish a permanent location, a home base, where they will live together and work to attain normalization while they continue their political work.

watch the live stream for the latest and check their website for announcements, videos etc.

3pm Both parks are empty now of Occupiers. Amazingly non-violent on the Occupiers part. Cops doing their usual tough guy act when they have that costume on: shield on their faces, batons across their chests, pushing people up Main St but have now been on a stand off for quite awhile. Cops want all people out of the street. Not really sure the Occupiers care at this point since they lost the parks (park dept has already fenced them and moved in with equipment), I guess it’s just the principle at this point

At OccuFest–Nov. 12 countdown to eviction

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As I write this I am listening along with 3500 others via Livestream to a gathering at Occupy Portland. At first people were just talking about various things: their own stories, politics, Occupy etc. Now as the midnight hour is less than an hour away, they begin to talk about legal issues, tactics for civil disobedience, now they are trying to get a consensus on ideas of how to respond to the police. Now talking about the placement of the livestream equipment in order to keep it safe. Now it’s 3800 watching

I arrived at Pioneer Square about 5:15 in a light but steady rain. Shortly after we set out on a walk to the Occupy location only a few blocks away.  We stopped at every light, something we had done before but this time bicycle cops enforced it, moving their bikes across the crosswalk to block us, even pulling people back during the light blinking faze when it’s not really red yet. Our numbers were growing as we walked.

I started taking pictures when I got to the encampment, mostly because it was so sad to see it being dismantled, seeing the open spaces where once there had been tents and services.

I want to get these up quickly so I’m not going to pay a lot of attention to the order. I will put notes to explain where necessary

after wandering in the encampment squares I went over to Terry Schrunk where GA’s and events are held. The potluck was happening and music played. At 7 the GA started with a statement about non-violence but it was a special one with basically an open mic which included National Lawyers Guild talking about the right to refuse to be searched, and all kinds of people talking, some eloquent, some not. By now the crowd was several hundred

that last shot is actually of when the GA moved over to camp B

police car and paddy wagon presence SO heavy. police cars lining the street for several blocks–and we’re just across the street from the station!

Many delegations from other Occupies: Seattle, Olympia and the Mosher in the Gorge for sure.

the potluck and on the right the sad scene of moving

11:43 reporting bikes riding around the blocks to try to keep them safe! it sounds like a huge crowd

all that’s left of the once huge kitchen: a jar of peanut butter and another of jam.

all that’s left  of the medical tent–plus there once were  other tents for massage, herbs, therapy etc.

ten minutes to the witching hour and the livestream has stopped, they must be moving the equipment. meanwhile 5000 people are tuned in…now 5700 and the Occupiers say there are at least 5000 people there

livestream back and candlelight vigil across the street from supporters.

Hands Around the Courthouse (in Solidarity with DC Hands Around the White House) plus a little Occupy Portland

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on November 6, 2011

Hands Around the Courthouse gathered at Terry Schrunk Park right across the street from Occupy Portland so I took some pictures of the signs and such along the street of OP. I’ll put those at the end of this and focus first on the very energizing event to support the DC event today asking Obama to say NO to the Keystone Tar Sand Pipeline.  I am not going to go into why we need to stop it so if you want more information on that go to, that’s main organization behind it and their website will educate you I’m sure.

Approaching the park I saw the above and already could hear the lovely strains of Boca Marimba

There was a nice size crowd, which grew during the speeches, and lots of great signs, of course. A few hundred people — I’m no good at estimating but over 200, maybe 300 someone said. It was announced that the DC demo had 20,000 after expecting 5000! (Bill McKibbon, the founder of 350 and an organizer of the DC action, only claimed 12,000 in a later email–but it’s still a LOT of people)

Very hard to get a photo that gives a sense of the length of the march since we were unpermitted so walking on the sidewalks and stopping for lights. I stepped into the street once to try to get a better photo and immediately drew the cops attention and rebuke.

but the fun was when we got to the Courthouse and had enough people to encircle the entire block!

and now the photos from Occupy Portland

the first is strange tent fellows

More Photos from Occupy Portland

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These are actually from last Sunday, October 30th

I mention Sunday because of the priest who approached me and asked if I wanted to take Holy Communion











the other man was carrying a loaf of bread which had some chunks torn out of it.

There was a new art tent

outside the library I found the list of classes and meetings and such










there was a lovely new look at the kids area










I took this picture just because I thought the Eileen Fisher tote outside a homemade tent was an interesting contrast











and then there’s always the picture one fails to get: later that evening, about 10pm, when I was I was leaving the camp after bringing the kitchen laundry back, a white city pickup truck pulled up to the corner where at least half a dozen large garbage bags were set out. A woman got out and began loading them in the truck.  I told her I was surprised to see her doing this and she said someone has to and kept carrying sacks to her truck.