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Mike Daisey’s 24-hour Monologue +

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on September 18, 2011

Daisey taking his bow after performing for 24 hours!

At 6:11 last evening (9/17/11) Mike Daisey sat down at the table, arranged his props around him, including a bottle of vodka, a Colt 45, and a hankie to sop up his prodigious sweating, then drank a shot of the vodka and began talking. It was All the Hours in the Day.

I was there because I love his work and because there was nothing else at the TBA festival last night compelling me. And, of course, I was curious. Even though there would be a 15-minute break every hour, how could he talk for 24 hours?

I had my misgivings because I’d seen him workshop a piece once which had not been ready for prime time and disappointed me. I knew this was the first time he’d done this piece.

It was nothing like I expected re content but otherwise what I feared. It started strong but deteriorated as the hours unfolded. Brilliant gems, of course, but by the time I left–I stayed until midnight–I was bored.

He always has a lot of strings and eventually brings them together–a source of awe–but this was way too all over the place. He even got into future fantasy, which was confusing–he’s always been about reality–even though he preceded this by reading from an essay by Philip Dick; I assume to signal us that we should prepare for the creation of a science fiction world. The space needle had been bombed!

He indulged himself to go off on even more sides than usual–at one point left the stage with his mic and went out to the beer garden and interviewed an audience member who was taking a break. It was listening to someone trying to figure out how to fill so much time even though he started off by saying there is never enough of it.

I enjoyed him for awhile and might go back later today–my suspicion is he worked hard on the ending.


I did go back for the ending–arrived just before 4pm so heard the last 2 segments. It had become a science fiction novel, well performed but a bit hard to understand as I’d missed 16 hours. At the break voodoo donuts were passed out and someone filled me in on some of the plot but it wasn’t really enough.

During breaks there had been entertainment all along: music, short You Tube type films, etc. At the 3:45 break Holcombe Waller (who had been playing music at many breaks) was singing poetry. At the end of the last break a disco ball threw its light around the room and beach balls bounced around and folks were tossed them between the balcony and the main floor. There was a great energy.

I heard about 100 people or so stayed all night. At 6 am they all went outside to greet the dawn. Later Daisey fried some bacon and that was passed around. And there had been an earlier distribution of Voodoo donuts as well. Definitely an event. Daisey admitted he’d dozed off some while talking 🙂

Oops, correction: just heard on OPB that Daisey didn’t fry the bacon, a couple of vegans did! but they did do it on stage.

PS he shocked us all by not sweating! What has changed? He’s no slimmer. I heard a suggestion of botox!