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Favorite photos from Dublin–mostly James Joyce/Bloomsday

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on July 6, 2011

my first view of Ireland








I took this photo on my first little excursion to the fishing village of Howth outside Dublin









This section should be very interesting if you’re a fan of Joyce’s Ulysses

The next day, June 15, was the day before Bloomsday (the day Ulysses takes place in 1904) and we went to Sandycove where the first episode of the book is set. We visited the Joyce Museum housed in the Martello tower Joyce stayed in for a week and where the book opens. this is the bedroom Joyce actually slept in and where his character did too.









Here’s a view of the museum from down the road–the round tower in the center of the picture. And here’s a sculpture along the Sandycove beach


In episode 5 Bloom goes to Sweny’s Chemist shop to have some lotion made up for his wife Molly. While he’s there he buys some Lemon Soap. The shop is now a non-profit operated by volunteers. They still sell the soap and books and a few curios too. They were in costume getting ready for Bloomsday




Bloomsday started with a breakfast put on by the James Joyce Society–a regualr Irish breakfast: eggs, grilled tomatoes, bacon, ham, sausage, black and white pudding (the black is blood sausage and the white I guess the same w/o the blood) with the addition of kidneys because that’s what Bloom ate for his breakfast. Many dignitaries including the Lord Mayor of Dublin who came over to our table and talked. When I told him I am from Portland he asked me how our light rail is doing! He is wearing his ‘chain’ apparently showing he is on official business. Then a troupe of great actors performed scenes from the book. Here we have Buck Mulligan and Stephen Dedalus in the first scene in the tower when they’ve just gotten up and Buck is still in his yellow dressing gown. The next photo is Bloom in episode 10 shopping for a book for Molly. He is reading from the one he will buy, Sweets of Sin, and acting out what he reads. Hilarious!









Later in the rain in St Stephen’s Green there were readings and other performances, while down the way a bit near Trinity College at theĀ  statute of Molly Malone (selling cockles and mussels alive alive-o) Bloomsday costumed protesters raised their signs

here I am with Joyce, just so you know I really was there and a shot of a tee shirt one of the Bloomsday volunteers was wearing

Many more writers are honored in Dublin, of course, and nearby is the statute of Oscar Wilde, serious viewed from one side but sneering from the other

and now a photo of a sculpture at the very beautiful Trinity College campus









Can you guess what this is?