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A Black Day for Our Nation

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on December 17, 2010

Get ready to see scenes like this even more often in coming years. As government goes broke there will be less services for all of us and more layoffs of government workers. Washington State’s governor’s new budget recommendation takes health care away from the poor,  cuts funding for state parks and closes their excellent history museum in Tacoma–and that’s only the start. One of many states with draconian cuts coming, I’m sure.

And things will only get worse now that Congress has passed Obama’s giveaways to the rich.

This did not happen only to make the rich richer–for decades it’s been the Republicans’ agenda to bankrupt government and they have now succeeded.  Watch for their next success: the evisceration of Social Security.

In the meantime, our conversation is sadly lacking. Here are only a few of the questions I think we need to be considering:

Where is money to come from if not from those that have it?

What are the responsibilities of citizens to each other? Is government a party to that?

Would you rather pay a bit more in taxes and have the streets well paved or just replace your tires more often?

Do we care about our infrastructure? Do we want more bridges falling down?

When will our president learn how to negotiate a deal without giving away the store?