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The PIFF report

Posted in Uncategorized by sndybeech on February 2, 2010

PIFF (Portland International Film Festival) started yesterday for the elite–press and those with Silver Screen passes. Every weekday we get a preview of two of the films.

Yesterday we saw Academy Award nominee for best foreign film, Un Profite (A Prophet) from France and a Russian musical, Hipsters. They were as different as movies can be and I loved them both.

A Prophet is long, 2 1/2 hours, a throughly gripping picture of survival and transformation–not for the better–a portrait of a young man in a prison controlled by gangsters.

Hipsters is set in 1955 in Moscow, the lead, a pomadour wearing jazz saxophonist. The music was great, of course, the musical numbers silly and wonderful, the costumes outrageous, and I loved the sets: the hipsters came from all classes of Soviet society and you saw everything from the diplomat’s mansion to the lead’s communal housing.

this afternoon, another Academy Award nominee, Ajami from Israel.

The PIFF schedule will be posted at the NW Film Festival website tomorrow (2/3)